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5 birthday party ideas for kids

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It’s that special day that only rolls around once a year. A time where smiles are contagious and fun is in the air, it’s that special day for your little loved one. While birthdays are a happy occasion, party planning can often become overwhelming and stressful. The team at Bouncy Beez Jumping Castles are here to join forces with you and help to create the perfect day! Here are some unique birthday party ideas for your next celebration!

1. Water Slides
If you are planning a party during the warming summer months, you can incorporate a water slide into your next kid’s birthday party. Inflatable water slides are safe and easy to assemble. Paired with a Bouncy Beez jumping castle, a water slide is the perfect way to cool off after all the bouncing fun. We offer ocean themed castles, including the miss mermaid castle, that is perfect for underwater themed parties.

2. Ball Pit
You don’t have to hire an expensive venue to incorporate a ball bit into a kid’s birthday party. Get all the kids excited with a homemade ball bit, using a blow up pool and balls. Inflatable balls in the pool are perfect for this birthday party! Get creative, and add a ball put to the sides or front of a jumping castle for lots of added fun. The Bouncy Beez beach hut castle is perfect to create a ball pit and jumping castle combination that will keep the kids smiling all day.

3. Giant Q-Tip Sticks
Keeping kids interested and entertained all day can often be difficult. This is why it is important to think outside the box for kid’s birthday party ideas. Giant Q-tips are a fun addition to jumping castles and a great way for kids to play without getting hurt. Perhaps the celebration is for a sporty bunch, or for kids who love a little light competition. Get everyone involved in the party games that are fun and safe.

4. Star Wars Theme
The new Star Wars movies are a popular favourite amongst kids. Let your Star Wars themed party reach new levels by creating DIY giant foam light sabres. Grab some duct tape, electrical tape and pool noodles and start designing! Also, source some storm trooper helmets or Darth Vader masks, or encourage kids to dress up as their favourite Star Wars character.

5. Giant Boxing Gloves
The jungle safari castle available at Bouncy Beez is a large open jumping castle with plenty of room for games and activities. Giant boxing gloves are a great birthday party idea for boys, and the perfect addition to spacious jumping castles.

Next time you’re stumped for ideas on how to liven up a kid’s birthday party, choose your favourite style and size jumping castle and then add some props for extra fun!