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The benefits of Jumping Castle hire

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A jumping castle is one of the most exciting surprises for a birthday girl or boy for their party, and will help make their special day even more memorable and enjoyable. It is a great way to provide a entertainment at a birthday party… any of our jumping castles will keep the kids entertained for hours. It is well worth the investment!

The benefits of jumping castle hire include:

1. A jumping castle gives the kids an enjoyable (and safe) environment for a range of activities.

2. Our jumping castles are currently available for the whole day, but you only pay for 4 hours.

3. The jumping castles can be set up in a relatively small area.

4. Our range has a wide range of jumping castle options – regular, regular with slides, large and large with slides. We have a variety of themes, so you are sure to find one that will suit the birthday party.

5. You can limit the number of children for the jumping castle – our castles will hold 8 to 12 children depending on the size of the jumping castle.

6. The material of the jumping castle is durable, smooth and waterproof.

7. Parents can have the peace of mind and be able to enjoy themselves with other guests while the kids have lots of fun on the jumping castle.

The Bouncy Beez jumping castle range has different sizes, shapes, themes and colours which provide lots of options to choose from.

A jumping castles is a fun-filled and healthy play way to provide entertainment for the kids. The kids will have endless fun, and really does provide alot of excitement.

Let your kids go crazy in a jumping castle. Get in touch with us to make a booking and give your little prince or princess a memorable party!