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Why hire a jumping castle for your child’s birthday party?

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Apart from the obvious fun that jumping castles provide, there are other reasons why jumping castles are great and a success at any child’s birthday party….

Children love them!
We see all the happy faces and positive parent feedback… from the moment the jumping castle is set up to the time it is packed away, the children are having fun lots of jumping around. We have yet to see a child who hasn’t had fun on a jumping castle!

It helps kids to be active
With video games, computers and tv being so popular these days, kids are less inclined to get out, be active and have fun outside. With a jumping castle, the kids will get outside and have alot of fun all whilst being active. By the end of day, the children will be nice and tired.

It promotes social interaction
A jumping castle is always the centre of attention at any child’s birthday party. It brings all the children together and ensures that they are all playing together – it provides a good reason for all children to get involved and be interactive.

It turns any ‘good’ party into a ‘great’ party.
By having a jumping castle at a child’s birthday party, it will give the party that extra attraction that will make it memorable. It creates something different and special and is usually a talking point after the birthday party.

Jumping castles never go out of fashion.
Jumping castles are one of the few things that are made for children that has never gone out of fashion. They have been around for years and years. Today, toys seem to go in and out of fashion very quickly, but jumping castles have been around for a very long time! Jumping castles are simply great fun no matter what.

If you are planning a party for your child, Bouncy Beez Jumping Castles highly recommend a jumping castle. We have a range of jumping castles to suit any themed birthday party.