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Jumping Castles increase joy

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To many parents, nothing is more pleasurable than to see their kids happy, smiling with joy and enjoying their childhood. It is important that kids are taken care of at parties and social gatherings, and jumping castles have emerged as one of the top ways to pulling out the joy and happiness for the kids. Whilst the jumping castles comply with the Australian Standards of fine quality rubber, they bear popular images as well, which is suitable for themed occasions. Kids love to jump, roll over, slide, do somersaults, dance, juggle and sit on the jumping castles.

Jumping castles have gained alot of prominence in recent times where nearly every big public gathering or event has a jumping castle, to help entertain the kids. They are usually hired for a range of hours, such as 4 hours. Kids take great pleasure in exploring these jumping castles, whilst the parents are happy with seeing such smiles on the kids faces.

Just remember that you need to be aware about certain guidelines and precautions when renting a jumping castles.

Here are the Bouncy Beez Jumping Castles Services:

  • Before you hire, every jumping castles is inspected and cleaned.
  • Carry a $20 million public liability and product protection insurance.
  • All our electrical components are tested and tagged as per New South Wales regulations.
  • All jumping castles comply with Australian Standard AS3533.
  • Every jumping castle is installed by trained operators who will discuss any safety concerns prior to completing the installation.
  • All prices include standard delivery.