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Surprise Your Daughter…

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Kids love surprises on their birthday parties. For your lovely princess, you can cheer her up a big surprise like a fairy magic jumping castle.

It is the ultimate toy that your daughter could wish for, especially when it’s her birthday. Undoubtedly, the best parties are those that keep the children busy, and a Fairy Magic jumping castle is a perfect toy to engage your daughter with her friends on her birthday party. It can put a smile on the little girls face, and it one of the enchanting things that would be adored by her.

A Fairy Magic jumping castle is an inflatable toy which features fairy and stars, a perfect jumping castle for any girl as she can jump and play along with her friends.

You can hire it for $200.00, normally for 4 hours but with our limited offer it is for the whole day.


  • The Fairy Magic jumping castle is 4m x 4m.
  • It is perfect for girls from 4 to 13 years.
  • Capable of withstanding impacts without any leakages.


  • Please do not allow any child to go near the air blow pump due to electricity hazards or malfunction.
  • Don’t overload the jumpy. Ideally 8 kids are enough. If there are more, split the turns into two rounds.
  • Also, make sure that none of the kids have any pinching materials with them that may damage the jumping castle.
  • Don’t allow any eatables or drinks while playing.
  • Make sure that the place where you’ll be installing this jumping castle is firstly cleaned, and there must be no objects underneath the base that can damage it.