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Ways to save money on a birthday party…

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With good planning and some tricks here and there, you can organise a memorable birthday party without the stress of breaking the bank.

Having one big ticket item, such as a jumping castle, will give you an idea of the centre piece for the party. From this point, you can break down the other aspects into manageable areas and find ways to save lots of money.

Here are 5 ideas:

1. Make the birthday cake

Do you know the average cost of a birthday cake these days? An average quote is $180.00! A few packet mixes, ready to roll icing, some food dye and a bit of creativity, and you can make the birthday cake. You don’t need to be a professional decorator!  For a cake topper, you can use a toy, which you can take off before it is served. While it may not be ‘perfect’, you will have the satisfaction of making it yourself and saving money. Compared to an average quote of $180.00 for a cake, this ill be

2. Substitute the lolly bag

Why not send children home with something they can play with such a homemade playdoh or a homegrown plant. It is alot cheaper but also provides something the children can keep as a memory of the party.

3. Use digital invitations

The digital invitations are an free and easy way to invite the guests. It is also a simple way for the guests to RSVP or ask questions.

4. Stick to traditional entertainment

There is no need to hire an entertainer when the traditional games such as pass the parcel, pin the tale on the donkey and bobbing for apples are inexpensive activities which creates alot of fun.

5. Use simple but effective decorations

Keep things simple and make sure you keep the party theme throughout the decorating. It is easy to find simple but effective decorations as well as plates, cups and tablecloths at many party stores these days.