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What are the common mistakes people make when looking to hire a jumping castle?

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The team at Bouncy Beez Jumping Castles believe that once you know what the common mistakes are, you can save both money and stress when looking to hire a jumping castle.

1. Selecting the cheapest jumping castle hire you can find.
You will find varying prices for jumping castle hire across the market, but the cheapest isn’t always the best option.

It is important that you know there is a lot more that goes into ensuring your event runs smoothly, which costs money – jumping castle suppliers do more than deliver and collect the jumping castles.

Here are some things to consider:

Storage – Jumping castles are large, heavy and require large amounts of storage space, and storage space equals money. If jumping castles are not stored properly in a dry environment, they can get damaged, smelly, dirty and mouldy.

Insurance – It’s a legal requirement for a jumping castle business to hold public liability insurance. We carry a $20 million public liability and product protection insurance.

Maintenance – All our jumping castles are maintained, repaired, tested and cleaned to ensure that you will receive the jumping castle in it’s best possible condition with it’s the components working correctly. Also, all our electrical components are tested and tagged as per New South Wales regulations.

Technology – How easy is it to contact your supplier when booking a jumping castle? How easy and comprehensive is the website to look at the jumping castle options you that you have? Our website www.bouncybeez.com.au provides step by step instructions on how to book your jumping castle as well as easy access to look at the jumping castle range we have available for you to hire. This includes the size as well as the maximum age and number of people each jumping castle can take. We also have a contact number and email link on every page so you can get in touch with any questions you may have.

Range – Does the supplier have a decent range to select from? We have a number of castles to suit your needs, from small jumping castles and small jumping castles with slides, to regular jumping castles and regular jumping castles with slides to our giant slide. Our jumping castles also have their own theme, so we will be able to fit in with any theme you want.

2. Not comparing like for like.
You will mostly likely get confused when looking at the various jumping castle suppliers, especially when you start ringing around – it is hard to determine which is the best option! Don’t be mislead in thinking that everything boils down to just price or size. There are many other factors to consider when you want to distinguish the best jumping castle for you. Bouncy Beez Jumping Castles is more than happy to take you through all the information required for you to make an educated decision.

3. Thinking that bigger is better.
Remember – bigger isn’t always better! There are a number of factors you should consider when deciding on which jumping castle to hire:
* The age of the party guests
* The area available to set up the jumping castle
* The access to this area
* The power access
* Other restrictions which can include power lines and garden beds.

4. Not reading reviews on Feedback or Google My Business.
If someone else has had a good or bad experience, which you know about, it could help you make a decision, right? Reviews these days are easy to make and easy to find. Make sure you check out the reviews before making a final decision about your jumping castle hire.

5. Ignoring jumping castle safety.
Whilst people think about the excitement and fun that a jumping castle can bring to an event, it is important to remember that there is a serious side – safety! There are alot of different aspects that affect the safety including weather, installation, equipment etc. We even wrote a blog on ‘Safety Tips for using Jumping Castles’.

Every jumping castle is installed by trained operators who will discuss any safety concerns prior to completing the installation. We have the knowledge and experience to adapt to suit the environment. In addition, all our electrical components are tested and tagged as per New South Wales regulation and all our jumping castles comply with Australian Standard AS3533.

6. Selecting the wrong bouncy castle to save money.
The most important question for you is ‘who will be using the jumping castle?’

People either overspend because they want the best jumping castle or want to impress others or they want to save money and choose the wrong jumping castle that does not suit the event. Make sure that the jumping castle that is hired matches the age range of the guests. Bouncy Beez Jumping Castles can help you find the best option to suit your event within your budget!