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Before hiring a Jumping Castle

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Things you should know before hiring a jumping castle…

If you are planning your kid’s birthday party, then why not try something unique? It is expected that you will have a lot of small guests, and keeping them busy with fun activities is important. Hiring a jumping castle will keep them busy for hours! However, before hiring a jumping castle, you need to know a few things:

It is a wonderful attraction

A jumping castle is an excellent attraction for kids. They come in various themes, lots of bright colours, and different sizes and shapes – something to keep the guests happy! Jumping castles add loads of excitement and fun to a birthday party, and is definitely a wonderful attraction to consider.

Lots of choices for themes


The best thing about Bouncy Beez Jumping Castles is that you have choices for themes such as animals, mermaids, superheroes and more. It is a great opportunity for parents to surprise their kids with their favourite theme. Whilst we do cater for girl and boy specific themes, we also have more general themes such as the happy birthday jumping castle.

Some quick facts about jumping castles

When it comes to setting up, the following points are important:

  • a preferred age range has been provided for each jumping castle.
  • to arrange jumping castle setup, you need to have enough space in your backyard.
  • set up will always be done by one of our trained operators.
  • jumping castles should not be overloaded for the safety of the kids – each of the jumping castles have a ‘kids at one time’ number, which is the maximum kids that should be on the jumping castle at one time.