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Safety Tips for using Jumping Castles

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Kids love jumping castles because of their springy nature and can play on them for hours on end. In spite of the fun, it is important for all parents and caretakers to make the kids’ safety a priority. Here are some of the things you should check before the jumping starts…

Keep fire and sharp objects at bay
Most of the jumping castles are made from inflammable materials, and a blowing machine is used to put air into the jumping castle. Therefore, both the jumping castle and the blowing machine should be kept away from fire hazards such as BBQs and heaters. Sharp objects should be kept very far away from the jumping castle too.

General safety measures when using jumping castles
* Do not allow kids to enter the castle with their shoes on.
* Allow kids to put on socks.
* Don’t let the kids overcrowd the jumping castle.
* Whenever you sense a problem, evacuate the kids as a first priority.

Safety measures when holding a party outdoors
If you would like to hold a party in the backyard, ask Bouncy Beez Jumping Castles for the best type of installation to suit your yard. When setting up a jumping castle on the grass metal stakes are pegged into the ground, but concrete blocks are used for hard surfaces such as synthetic grass and concrete. Both these options will ensure the castle doesn’t get blown away.

Bouncy Beez Jumping Castles will set all your safety and insurance concerns at ease
* Before you hire, every jumping castle is inspected and cleaned.
* A $20 million public liability and product protection insurance is carried.
* All our electrical components are tested and tagged as per New South Wales regulations.
* All our jumping castles comply with Australian Standards AS3533.
* Every jumping castles is installed by trained operators who will discuss any safety concerns prior to completing the installation.

The safety of your children is something you cannot ignore. Therefore it is important to observe the above points on safety and your kids will have a great time on the jumping castle. Every jumping castle in the Bouncy Beez range is designed with the highest level of safety in mind.